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Phone: 0447 791 553

Email: gannoplenk@hotmail.com

Web: maryanneplenkovich.wordpress.com

Welcome to Maryanne Plenkovich designs, Commissioned artworks tailored to your space. Maryanne draws inspiration from the native enviroment. With the use of close up photographs and colour edits, Maryanne transforms images onto canvas with an expressive use of arcylic, water colours and resin. This unique technique allows the artist to capture the essence of the image bringing the outside in, tailored to your individual taste and space.

From Maryanne

“I have discovered inspiration from our breathtaking coastlines and hinterlands, which share an exciting relationship between my love for interiors and evolving as an artist.

The designs I produce on canvas are my own, taken from a raw textured image captured on film, then the composition is transformed, with focus on colour and a unique technique of line work. I use a blend of layered acrylic and a two pack resin sending a lush, organic feel which can be tailored to suit any space.

My artworks have allured and captivated a wide audience ranging from property stylists, interior designers, boutique nurseries and private clients Australia wide”

Thanks for visiting.


Maryanne Plenkovich.


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