New works in progress

red brom leaves

Theres has been a great response from all over the country to the Selling Houses Australia Kongwak episode.  This is my latest Red Brom about 50% complete. I think the summer weather on the south coast is inspiring some more tropical plant works.


3 thoughts on “New works in progress

    • Hello Jo,
      I’m currently building a body of work inspired from our local beach spot. The photos that I am pulling my inspiration from are amazing, so I’m very excited. So when completed, I hope to exhibit in new interior stores in Melbourne. I have my work in a local interior store called Southern Bazar located in Inverloch.
      I have also been commissioned to do 3 large paintings for a local resident inspired by close up images of coastline vegetation.
      All my original works are now available in prints on watercolour paper which have been very popular and I am looking into also printing on canvas.
      Please feel free to contact me on 0447791553.
      Maryanne Plenkovich


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